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Menopause Therapy

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If you are a woman in her forties, there is one word that has probably been on your mind more often than ever before … Menopause. If you a man who loves a woman approaching this time of life, you are probably seeking every known remedy for the suffering that often accompanies this time of life.

The most important thing to remember is that anything that supports cellular regeneration will relieve any symptoms and suffering associated with this change of life. One of of the most effective forms of Menopause Therapy is doctor prescribed Sermorelin injections. When does menopause begin? It’s hard to pin it down accurately, but we recommend that you look to the mothers and grandmothers in your family as a general guideline. Typically, the symptoms of menopause include hot flashes and roller coaster mood swings, although there are a host of other symptoms which can surface during this time. We are often asked, How long does menopause last? That is hard to pin down at a specific number, however, we can assure you that consulting with our doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy is the best place to start looking for solutions and the best way to assure that your symptoms last no longer than absolutely necessary.

Our doctors prescribe Sermorelin Injections for women suffering from the symptoms of menopause if they also have a laboratory test report indicating a low IGF-1 level which indicates a deficiency in human growth hormone production. When you increase low HGH levels with injectable Sermorelin therapy, it is amazing how much better all the other symptoms begin to feel, as well.

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It is important to remember that Menopause is different for everyone. Even men go through a similar experience with the male andropause phase of life. It is also important to remember that suffering is optional. Even if your mother does tell you that every woman goes this rite of passage at some of her life and you should shoulder the burden stoically, we suggest that you remember that times have changed. It really is not necessary for you to bear any burden stoically in this day and age. There are solutions and remedies at your fingertips.

All you have to do is complete the contact form on this site, and one of our clinical advisers will contact you to discuss your particular circumstances and answer all your questions. With the proper Menopause Therapy, it is possible to greatly relieve, if not completely alleviate, your symptoms and feelings of just being out of sorts. There is no reason for you not to enjoy every phase of your life. Suffering is optional. Give us a call at 561-748-0800.